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Mary Engisch

Mary Engisch

Weekend Host/Reporter

Mary Engisch is the host and reporter for Weekend Edition Saturday and Weekend Edition Sunday on VPR.

Mary joined VPR in 2011 as a board operator and announcer. From 2014 to 2018, she also hosted a weekly arts calendar segment and feature with local artists.

During the week, Mary works with the programming and news teams, helping to create on-air content and conducting interviews for the weekend news magazines. She is also one of the directors for Vermont Edition.

She grew up in Vermont in a tiny household full of 7 siblings, two parents and some cats.

Since then, she has earned a B.A. in Journalism from St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont, and has worked at a small weekly newspaper, as a voice-over artist, a vegan cupcake entrepreneur and a rock deejay at several local stations in Vermont.

She spends any free time concocting new gluten-free, low-sugar, tasty vegan dessert recipes and loves lifting very heavy things each morning at her gym.

Mary still resides in her hometown, still in a very tiny house, still with lots of people and still with some cats.