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Business Sponsorship

Business sponsorship supports the work of our organization, helping to provide the quality radio, television and digital programming we are known for. Whether part of your marketing plan, or simply because you love public media, underwriting on Vermont Public helps you build brand awareness with a statewide audience.

Connect with listeners and viewers who see your business as a like-minded supporter of public media, not an advertiser.

  • 68% of PBS viewers see sponsors as committed to quality and excellence. (M&RR Research, 2021)
  • When compared to the average US adult, public radio listeners are 70% more likely to buy from a public radio sponsor than a commercial advertiser. (NPR Listener Profile, 2021)
  • 29% of public radio listeners gathered information on a product or company they heard as a sponsor. (NPR Listener Profile, 2021)

Reach a statewide audience that relies on Vermont Public for quality educational and entertainment programming, and as a trusted and independent source of news and information.

  • More than 200,000 listeners in our region tune into Vermont Public and Vermont Public Classical radio each week. (Nielsen Audio, 3-book average, Fall20/Spring21/Fall21)
  • More than 220,000 viewers in our region tune into Vermont Public television each week. (Nielsen TV, 2021)
  • PBS has been the Most Trusted Brand in America every year since 2004. (M&RR Research, 2021)


Public Radio Sponsorship
A customized schedule of 10-second underwriting messages on Vermont Public news or Classical stations.
Public Television Sponsorship
A customized schedule of 15-second underwriting messages on PBS Main, Kids, World or Create channels.
Digital Sponsorship
Our audience extends beyond broadcast with additional sponsorship opportunities available for livestream, podcast, digital banners on our website and newsletters, as well as on-demand content.
Event & Special Programming Sponsorship
Connect with Vermont Public's audience and members with live and virtual event sponsorship, as well as sponsorship of special radio and television programming.
Membership Drive Sponsorship
Align your business with our supporters through matching gift and challenge gift sponsorship during Vermont Public's membership drives.
Find the right sponsorship for your organization