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A graphic showing the words brave little state in black on a white background, surrounded by a design that looks like greenery and a small reindeer on top
Brave Little State

What if you could decide what stories Vermont Public should be covering, before they're even assigned?

That's the idea behind Brave Little State, a podcast where you ask the questions, you decide what Vermont Public investigates, and then you work with us to find the answers.

So tell us: What question do you have about Vermont, our region or its people that you want us to explore? Submit it below, or leave us a short voicemail at 802-552-4880.

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    HOMEGOINGS: Ferene Paris Meyer

    Coming soon:

    • Brave Little State's 5th Annual Brief History of Vermont Road Names | Available July 7
    • "What is the small town Vermont dating scene like, especially for first-generation Vermonters?" — Silas Olsen | Available July 21
    • "Are there Native American legends and mythologies that speak to a deeper time relationship with the landscape of Vermont?" — David Hess | We are taking our time to report this one with care. Drop date TBD!

    Introducing: Brave Little State Pale Ale, in collaboration with Lawson's Finest Liquids! Read more about our collaboration here.

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