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Eye On The Sky Stargazing Party

Meteorologist Mark Breen will help us identify the stars in Vermont's night sky.

Update 8/17/15 10:09 am: The broadcast aired on August 12. Thanks to the listeners and callers who made this year's stargazing party a success! You can listen back to the entire program here. 

Update 8/10/15 4:46 pm: The Stargazing Party has been rescheduled for Wednesday, August 12 at 9 p.m.  

Update 8/10/15 3:25 p.m.: We're watching the forecast and Mark Breen will decide tomorrow if we hold the event tomorrow, as planned, or delay until Wednesday. We'll post the decision here and on Facebook so check back tomorrow!

Original: Take your radio and a blanket into the backyard and tune in to VPR for our Eye on the Sky Stargazing Party on Tuesday, August 11 at 9 p.m.

VPR's Ric Cengeri speaks with Mark Breen, Planetarium Director of the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium in St. Johnsbury. He answers your questions about the stars, planets and constellations. 

You'll learn about the Summer Triangle, meteor showers, how to use the Big Dipper to find other stars and much more. Your questions are an important part of the broadcast. You can call in during the show or email your questions ahead of time.

Want to throw your own stargazing party? It's easy! Invite your friends and family. Set up lawn chairs or spread blankets on the ground. Turn the radio on and look up! For "night vision" that won't interfere with your ability to see the stars, wrap a red scarf, bandana or cellophane around your flashlight and secure it with a rubber band.