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Why Do Lions Roar?

Pedro Helder da Costa

Why do lions roar? Why do crickets chirp? Why do bucks shed their antlers every year? How can porcupines and hedgehogs avoid poking themselves? Do fish pee? What is the fastest fish? What do jellyfish eat? A roundup of animal questions, with answers from Paola Bouley of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, Kent McFarland of the Vermont Center for Ecostudies, naturalist Mary Holland and Jo Blasi of the New England Aquarium.

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"Why do lions roar?"-Olivia, 5, Helena, MO

"Lions like to live in very large wild areas that are full of forests, rivers and grasslands. Lions roar is very loud and powerful and can travel through the air for a long way at night. So even though, lions might be far away from each other, when they begin roaring at night all the other lions get to know which other lions are close by. Lions are social and live in groups, so it's important that they communicate with each other, and that's why lions roar!" - Paola Bouley of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique.

"Why Do Lions Roar?" features a coloring page of wild creatures that are discussed in this episode by Vermont artist Hilary Ann Love Glass. Download and print it here. You can color as you listen!

About the coloring page artist: Hilary Glass is an illustrator, printmaker and tattoo artist living in Vermont. Her content often explores flora and fauna from her local woodlands as well as imaginary creatures from other worlds entirely.  She uses pen and ink, colored pencils, watercolor and gauche as her primary illustration tools and loves to depict most things with great detail and attention to posture and body language.  You can find more info on Instagram@hilaryannloveart and at the website

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