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'Are Llamas Ticklish?' And Other Silly Questions

Shannon Joy
Prince is a therapy llama at Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas and Alpacas in Woodland, Washington.

We're answering 9 questions that put a smile on our faces, and we hope they make you chuckle, too. Plus, you might actually learn something from some of the answers!

Are llamas ticklish? Why do pickles and cacti look alike? What are boogers made out of? How do fish see underwater without goggles? Do skunks like their smell? Do pigs poop? Are elephants afraid of mice? Are jellyfish made of jelly? Why are yawns contagious?

Download our learning guides: PDF | Google Slides | Transcript| Coloring Page



Guests include Jo Blasi from the New England Aqarium, naturalist Mary Holland, therapy llama handler Shannon Joy, and Elephant Listening Project researcher Peter Wrege.

This episode features a coloring page by Amanda Adams. Click to download and print Ticklish Llama here. You can color as you listen!

About the coloring page artist: Amanda Adams (aka DiFURgence) is a multimedia artist residing in Vermont. She loves creating illustrations that involve nature and animals. She enjoys being able to bring joy to others with the artwork she creates. You can see more of her work at her website


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