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But Why LIVE: Hoots And Screeches And Whistles, Part 1

John Billingsley
This saw whet owl lives at the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum in Marlboro, Vt.

How do owls eat? Why are owls nocturnal and how do they see in the dark? How do owls swivel their heads all the way around? Why do birds move their heads back and forth when they walk?

This episode was recorded live at The Mega Awesome Super Huge Wicked Fun Podcast Playdate in Brookline, Massachusetts.


In this live episode of But Why, we answer all of your owl questions with Michael Clough of the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum. And get your owl face ready, as we learn to make owl calls with Bird Diva, Bridget Butler.

This episode features coloring pages by Barclay Tucker. Download and print Three Owlshere. You can color as you listen!

About the coloring page artist- Barclay Tucker lives his dream of being an illustrator, designer, artist, and teacher. He resides among the hills of The Northeast Kingdom in Vermont with his wife, four children, and two and a half cats. He teaches illustration, and graphic design at Northern Vermont University – Lyndon.


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