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Who doesn't love ice cream?

Jane Lindholm

That’s just one of the questions we answer in this week’s episode, which also includes instructions on how to easily make your own ice cream at home! We’ll also tackle the why and how of melting ice cream and why some flavors tend to melt faster than others! Our expert in this episode is ice cream entrepreneur Rabia Kamara, ofRuby Scoops in Richmond, Virginia. It's going to be sweet!

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After listening, if you're ready to try making ice cream at home, here's Rabia's easy recipe.


2 cups of heavy cream

1 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk

Optional additional flavorings:

a splash of vanilla

pinch of salt

And whatever else you might want to add! (Chocolate chips, cookie crumbles, etc.)


Use a hand mixer to beat the heavy cream until it is the consistency of whipped cream, with peaks that hold their shape.

Fold any additional ingredients into the sweetened condensed milk and add the mixture to the heavy cream and fold them together using a spoon.

Put into a freezer safe container.

Let freeze for about 8 hours.


Jane Lindholm is the host, executive producer and creator of But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids. In addition to her work on our international kids show, she produces special projects for Vermont Public. Until March 2021, she was host and editor of the award-winning Vermont Public program Vermont Edition.
Melody is the Contributing Editor for But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids and the co-author of two But Why books with Jane Lindholm.

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