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WATCH: Storyteller Ferene Paris Meyer on Black joy as birthright

Photo: Ferene Paris Meyer, Courtesy / Graphic: Elodie Reed, VPR and Vermont PBS / Video: Directed and Edited by David Littlefield, VPR and Vermont PBS

This is the latest installment of Homegoings, a special series from Brave Little State that features conversations with artists of color who live in Vermont. Follow the series here.

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In this conversation, Burlington-based Ferene Paris Meyer discusses her origins as a storyteller, why she identifies with hummingbirds, and the joy and heartbreak she’s experienced throughout her 10-plus years living in Vermont. At the end, Ferene performs a story.

Watch this video live at noon on June 19th on Vermont PBS.

Ferene Paris Meyer is a Haitian-American storyteller based in Burlington and the Founding CEO of All Heart Inspirations. Before starting her company, she worked as Director of the First Year Experience Program at the University of Vermont. A mother of two daughters, Paris Meyer is originally from Brockton, Mass.




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Homegoings was created by the Brave Little State team: Josh Crane, Angela Evancie and Myra Flynn, with help from Elodie Reed. This video was directed and edited by David Littlefield. Videography by Kianna Haskin and Kaylee Mumford. Graphic design by Elodie Reed and Kyle Ambusk. Production Assistance from Marlon Hyde. Brian Stevenson is the Director of Production.

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