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Safe & Sound: A World Of Music In Vermont

A speaker cone with the words, "Safe and Sound: A Celebration of Local Music," over it.
Anna Ste. Marie, VPR
Celebrate Vermont music with a new release from Mal Maiz and a sneak peek at a new project from KeruBo!

This episode shines a musical spotlight on Vermonters like Maiz Vargas, KeruBo and Damascus Kafumbe, whose musical influences stem from multicultural lived experiences and communities. These Vermont artists perform Latin rock, jazz, reggae and traditional music and they'll share their expertise and talents. Plus, we'll be treated to never-before-heard new releases from Vargas' band Mal Maiz and get a sneak peek at a project that KeruBo, is working on now!


Judi Emmanuel - Your Song

A2VT - Nalia

Grup Anwar - Mila

Damascus Kafumbe - Let Me Seek You First

Damascus Kafumbe - Tomorrow May Never Come

Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple

Sabor 2.0 - Bonita

Sabouyouma - Sabouy

Lakou Mizik - Pistache Griye

KeruBo - Hakuna Lolote

KeruBo - Chanjo

Mikahely - Samy Tsara

Seamus Egan - Welcome To Orwell

S.I.N. Sizzle - Rock Out, feat. Stacy Campbell

Mal Maiz - Clandestino

Mal Maiz - Yemaya

Production support for this episode from John Billingsley.

Safe & Sound has support from Patrick's World's Finest Granola.

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