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Safe & Sound: A Celebration of Vermont Music, Ep. 27

A speaker cone with the words, "Safe and Sound: A Celebration of Local Music," over it.
Anna Ste. Marie, VPR
This episode is full of new releases from both established and new Vermont artists.

Plenty of new releases this week on Safe & Sound for the new year, including couchsleepers, Marcie Hernandez, Patti Casey and The Young Love Scene!

Bidi Dworkin - Morning Morgantown

Ben Dunham

Helen Hummel - Violin

Quasar Valley Band - Big Hat

Patti Casey - What You Think You Know

Sandiland & Vincent - So Right

Ula Blue - Carry On

Chazzy Lake - Here I Am

Nate Gusakov - Working All Day

Couchsleepers - All The Worst Things 

Marcie Hernandez - Evolution

The Young Love Scene - Honey

Jesse Taylor Band - Disaster

Jenny Jaron - Accumulate

tip/toe - I Probably Shouldn’t Have Said That

Andriana Chobot - Not I

Henry Jamison, feat. Darlingside - The Parting Glass

Safe & Sound has support from Patrick's World's Finest Granola.

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