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Homegoings: A righteous space for art and race.

Homegoings is a show that invites listeners to be a fly on the wall, privy to candid and genuine conversations about race. Host and musician Myra Flynn explores themes that fearlessly straddle that line between necessary and uncomfortable, as she speaks with artists, experts and regular folks all over the country about their literal skin in the game — of everyday life. Homegoings is storytelling — with a heartbeat. No topic is off the table, and there’s no such thing as going “too deep.” These are the conversations that are our birthright to have, and the stories we are lucky to hear.

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Two men hold instruments with flowers on them. Music notes and a face float behind them.
Daniel Bernard Roumain, Matthew Evan Taylor
Graphic: Elodie Reed
Powdered wigs, white men, aristocracy — these are just a handful of images and stereotypes associated with the world of classical music. But what if we’re wrong? In this episode, guest hosts James Stewart and Adiah Gholston talk with teenagers, composers and professors to unpack some of our assumptions around classical music: Where its roots really lie, who it’s made for, and where it’s headed.

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Five video specials, recorded live at Spruce Peak Arts in February, premiere on Vermont Public's main TV channel and streaming online.

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From the archives

Homegoings started in 2021 as a special series from Brave Little State, Vermont Public’s people-powered journalism podcast. The episodes below were produced from 2021-2023.

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Meet Myra

Myra Flynn joined Vermont Public as an engagement producer in March 2021. Raised in Vermont, Myra is an accomplished musician who has come to know the lay of dirt-road land that much more intimately through touring both well-known and obscure stages all around the state and beyond. She also has experience as a teaching artist and wore many hats at the Burlington Free Press, including features reporter and correspondent, before her pursuits took her deep into the arts world. Prior to joining Vermont Public, Myra spent eight years in the Los Angeles music industry. Check out more stories from Myra.

Homegoings is a project of Vermont Public.

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