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Senayit Tomlinson: Defying genre and restoring community

Senayit Tomlinson

Senayit Tomlinson is a singer/songwriter who produces music that is infectious, groove-based, alternative, free-form rock and soul with soaring vocals and melodic hooks. She both lives and creates her music on a property that spans across the Connecticut River, from Bradford, Vermont to Orford, New Hampshire. Senayit is featured in our first episode of Homegoings: A Live Performance.

Homegoings features candid conversations about race with artists of color.

The show premiered as a limited series in 2021 as part of Vermont Public’s podcast Brave Little State. (Now, Homegoings is its own show!)

After speaking with so many prolific and talented artists, host and musician Myra Flynn and Vermont Public staged Homegoings: A Live Performance in February of 2023. Now we get to share these inspiring performances with you in a five-part video series.

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Myra Flynn joined Vermont Public in March 2021 and is the DEIB Advisor, Host and Executive Producer of Homegoings. Raised in Vermont, Myra Flynn is an accomplished musician who has come to know the lay of dirt-road land that much more intimately through touring both well-known and obscure stages all around the state and beyond. She also has experience as a teaching artist and wore many hats at the Burlington Free Press, including features reporter and correspondent, before her pursuits took her deep into the arts world. Prior to joining Vermont Public, Myra spent eight years in the Los Angeles music industry.
As a Producer, Mike helps cultivate and develop stories from and about our community for visual presentation. His 20 years of technical experience as a Director and Editor enables him to help deliver our content across multiple platforms to connect our stories to as many folks as possible.
James Stewart is Vermont Public Classical's afternoon host. As a composer, he is interested in many different genres of music; writing for rock bands, symphony orchestras and everything in between.